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Since Tremors 5: The Thunder from Down Under is coming out this December, first thing I thought I'd do is create a Countdown template that goes until it comes.

I don't want Kevin Bacon to return as Val McKee, cause after reading the script of Death Sentence, I can guess he would say "Fuck" like seventy times in the whole movie. He would most likely ruin Tremors 5.

Here's what cast I want to be in it:

Earl Bassett Fred Ward
Burt Gummer Michael Gross
Tyler Reed Victor Browne
Mindy Sterngood Ariana Richards
Nancy Sterngood Marcia Strassman
Jodi Chang Lela Lee
W.D. Twitchell Dean Norris
Larry Norvel J.D. Walsh
Cletus Poffenberger Christopher Lloyd
Melvin Plugg Robert Jayne
Dr. Casey Matthews Sarah Rafferty
Dr. Donna Debevic Joan McCurtrey

I want the language to be the same as the tv series.

Hell: 10 (Burt, Earl, Tyler, Rosalita, Melvin, Cletus, Donna, Casey, Nancy, Jodi and Twitch)

Damn: 50 (Burt, Earl, Tyler, Rosalita, Melvin, Cletus, Donna, Casey, Nancy and Twitch)

Ass: 6 (Burt, Earl, Tyler, Rosalita, Melvin, Casey and Twitch)

Bastard: 3 (Burt, Earl and Tyler)

Bitch: 7 (Burt, Earl, Tyler, Rosalita in spanish once, Twitch and Melvin)

Asshole: 2 (Melvin)

Shit: 1 (whispered)

Goddamn: 2 (Rosalita once in spanish, Earl once)

I'm also hoping about the rumors of it being in Austrailia are true also.

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