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i need to find away to work this information into one of the pages

If Tremors 4 takes place in 1889 (and it's in Perfection) why does the Perfection town sign in the opening sequence of Tremors 3 say the town was founded in 1902?

We thought it would be cool for the prequel to take place exactly 100 years before we shot Tremors 1 (1989). And we knew you'd demand an explanation. After the end of T-4, Hiram and Christine settled in Hiram's new house. He eventually became an excellent marksman and they lived well on the proceeds from the silver mine (some of which Burt inherited). Later, when it came time to incorporate the town, Nevada bureaucrats decided that, even though people had lived there since 1889, they'd make the official founding date 1902, the year of incorporation Hiram objected, but was overruled. He was so angry that he and Christine pulled up stakes and moved to San Francisco, never to return. Thus began the generations-long Gummer distrust of Big Government.

What exactly happens to Perfection between 1889-1990. Did the town start to prosper again after 1889? Aside from Hiram & Christine leaving, what happened to the rest of characters? Was the market passed down to Fu Yien and then Walter? And what ended up happening to Perfection within those 100 years that made it a ghost town by 1990?

Okay, long question. Long answer! To be honest we didn’t put a lot of thought into it. We were getting excited about returning to present day and finding Graboids in Australia (Tremors 5). But, as avid faq readers know, that didn’t happen.

In any case, here’s what I think. For a time, everyone made money, since Perfection was an active boom town, ballooning to several thousand residents. Pyong and Lu Wan saw their store rebuilt (with real walls this time). Juan rose to foreman in the mine, wisely putting every penny he made into improving his paid-off ranchland.

Inevitably the silver played out and Perfection went the way of so many other boom towns, shrinking almost overnight, never to return to its glory days. But it was never abandoned. There was always a core of hardworking residents. Juan took over his ranch and turned full time to raising cattle. Decades later, the ranch would be owned by Miguel.

Chang’s market never closed. Pyong and Lu Wan gamely ran their store well into the next century when Fu Yien did indeed take it over, with Walter following him.

Perfection was not helped by its geographic isolation. Due to the mountains and the cliffs, to this day there is only the one road into the valley. The road wasn’t even paved until the 1950s, when there was increased activity in town due to the nuclear weapons testing in Nevada. Even then, the use of Federal funds to pave the road was denounced as government pork for a “road to nowhere.” Government money and personnel disappeared with end of testing and the Cold War, and Perfection was once again a lonely outpost. Burt, Heather and Nancy were relative newcomers, arriving in the 70s and 80s, respectively. Melvin’s parents used it as a second home, spending most of their time in Vegas. So, that’s a bit of the history as we now know it!

It has been 10 years since Tremors The Series, Where do you see the town now in 2013? Have there been any big changes? Any new residents? Have any of them moved out?

It’s been ten years! OMG. That said, we don’t feel the town has changed a great deal. It is so remote that mainstream tourism has never caught on. Also, it’s a little scary going to Perfection, like going to see grizzly bears up close. Not that many people really want to do it. So, the locals make decent money, but a lot of times life is pretty quiet. Of course, once in a while some strange critter appears created by MixMaster, but they've gotten pretty good at dealing with that. Burt, Jodi, and Nancy would stay for sure. Melvin probably got tired of trying to cash in and moved to more urban settings. Tyler and Rosalita, we think, might eventually get tired of the limited setting and move on, too. But then, there’s some mystery about Rosalita’s past, so she might not have the freedom she’d like.

How come the Graboids kept falling for the same RC car contraption over and over again, never learning it was a trap like the Graboid in the first film learned that the dynamite-on-a-rope was a trick.

Here’s what we think: the Graboid in the first movie had to swallow the dynamite before realizing it was the bad stuff. Burt, with his RC cars and remote detonator, is too quick for them, hitting the button before they realize they've been “hooked.”

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