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Tourists regularly visit Perfection, first to see where the original Graboid attacks occurred and later to try to get a glimpse of El Blanco.

Most of the residents now make a living off of the tourists, most notable are Jack Sawyer's Desert Jack's Graboid Tour (later owned by Tyler Reed), Nancy Sterngood's souvenir business, Burt Gummer's Survival School, and Jodi Chang's Chang's Market.

A number of tourists on Desert Jack's Graboid Tour encountered a real Graboid and witnessed it eating Desert Jack's friend and partner, Buford. With the help of Mindy they were able to escape back to Perfection, and out of the valley from there, and Jack and Mindy warn the townspeople that Graboids were back as at the time it had been many years since the first attacks and everybody thought all the Graboids were dead.

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