The Biker
The Biker
Background information
Feature films  
Video games
Portrayed by William Cowart
Character information
Species Human
Gender Male
Other names
Friends Melvin Plugg
Fate Deceased (Killed by El Blanco)
Quote "Damn it! Damn it! It wasn't supposed to go like this! I didn't want to kill anybody!"

The Biker is a minor character from Tremors: The Series. He only appears in the episode Feeding Frenzy. He was portrayed by William Cowart.


Burt first found the tracks of his dirt bike after he found a dead Burro. He later found the same tracks outside his house before El Blanco attacks him, Tyler and Rosalita.

After Burt shoots the machine that was driving El Blanco mad, him and Tyler spot the biker going into a box canyon. They come up in the other side of the canyon, but Burt is held at gunpoint by the Biker. After some arguing, Tyler manages to get the gun away from the biker, and he rides off into the canyon.

He finds Melvin and orders him to pay him the money Melvin promised him for the job. El Blanco however appeared and he was killed before he can get on the rock.


With the device used to enrage El Blanco destroyed & his gun seized by Tyler & Burt, the biker headed to a secluded box canyon to meet with Melvin & demand payment for his work. As they talked, the impatient biker repeatedly revved the engine on his dirtbike, even as the ground began to shake & Melvin warned him to stop. Shortly afterward, El Blanco surfaced & killed him, only coming up later to spit out what was left of his bike.

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