Classification Graboid
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  • Tom Woodruff Jr.
  • Alan Barlow
  • Bill Basso
  • Howard Berger
  • Paul Berg
  • Rob Burman
  • Jim Carson
  • David Chamberlain

Stumpy was the main Graboid in the original Tremors and is the only one that is named other than El Blanco.

Stumpy gets his name from his missing tentacle\snake tongue which was ripped off in an attempt to grab Val and Earl's truck.

He was killed when Valentine tricked him into burrowing out of a cliff face.


The first "named" Graboid, his role as an antagonist was filled by El Blanco in the later series. In the first Tremors, when he still had his tongue, he had killed two street workers. When Val and Earl were going to get the police, they spotted the road covered in rocks from the hill. Val was looking for them when Earl saw one of the workers helmets covered in blood and gore. Earl let Val know and they were going to go back to the market to tell everyone but then Stumpy tried to take down their truck, losing one of his "tongues" in the process. Mindy noticed the snake when Val and Earl came back to the market.


  • He once trapped Val, Earl, and Rhonda on a boulder.
  • Stumpy isn't the Graboid seen in Burt's bunker in Tremors 2: Aftershocks. That one is the Graboid that attacked Burt and Heather in their bunker/basement. Though the mounted Graboid head only has two tentacles, it is most likely from Burt and Heather's gunfire damaging the third beyond repair.