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Ray McQuire
Background information
Feature films  
Video games
Portrayed by David J. Wright
Character information
Species Human
Gender Male
Other names
Fate Deceased

Ray, portrayed by David J. Wright, is an animal rights activist who appeared in the Tremors: The Series episode Graboid Rights. He came to Perfection with a group of other activists, including Mindy Sterngood who grew up in Perfection with her mother, to protest the treatment of El Blanco by the townspeople, namely Burt.

In actuality he didn't care about El Blanco and was commissioned by Dr. Ellie Bergen to secretly poison El Blanco to make it appear the humans in Perfection Valley were harming him with their presence. While attempting to give him more of the poison El Blanco ate Ray whole, including his backpack which was full of the poison. This made the Graboid very ill but with the help of Dr. Ellie Bergen the townspeople were able to heal him.

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