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Portrayed by José Ramón Rosario, Pedro was the chief engineer at Señor Ortega’s company's oil field when Graboids appeared.

Background Edit

He worked as a chief engineer at the Petromaya Oil Field, owned by Señor Ortega’s company. He spoke Spanish and didn't understand any English.

Graboid Outbreak Edit

After the Graboid outbreak, he decided to stay unlike other regular employees.During Earl and Grady's task, he assisted them and the other staff in various other priorities.

Death Edit

While en route to answer Earl and Grady’s call for a tow truck he was ambushed and killed by Shriekers who mistook his truck for an animal of some sort due to the heat signature, lucky for them but unlucky for him they found a perfectly fresh human in the truck.

All that was found were his severed hands still gripping the headache bar behind the cab.

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