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Messerschmitt was originally a Shrieker that successfully developed into an Ass Blaster. He is currently the longest surviving Caedarus in the series.

Tremors 3: Back to Perfection

Messershmit (5)

Messerschmitt from Tremors: 3 Back To Perfection Feeding

Messerschmitt was one of the several shriekers to evolved into Ass Blasters in Perfection Valley. 

Messerschmitt breaks off from his siblings and attacks Nancy and her daughter, Mindy at Chang's Market

They feed him some food (notably a entire ham) and realize that Ass Blasters fall asleep after consumption, this is also known as a food coma. Messerschmitt falls asleep long enough for Mindy and Nancy to capture 

him and they tie him up with large amounts of duct tape and sell him to Sigmud and Ray, the famous magicians. The money they receive is enough for Mindy to go to college despite asserting she would like a car.

Messershmit (8)

Messerschmitt Chasing Rosalita Sanchez

Blast from the Past

Messerschmitt was stolen from his owners by poachers but he escaped, killing the would be poachers in the process. He makes his way back to Perfection for unknown reasons killing at least two people before being detained and recaptured by Burt, Tyler and the men sent by Sigmud and Ray. He was successfully sent back to his owners and presumed to still live there.

Messershmit (9)


  • Messerschmitt is the only named Ass Blaster and the only one to still be alive.
  • Messerschmitt is the first creature of Graboid species to be "spoiled" to the fact that he will only eat decadent dishes prepared by the magicians' chefs. If anything he tries to eat doesn't suit his refined taste (such as Burt's M.R.E.'s) he will immediately vomit it back up & go looking for something better.
    • Thus any people will likely only get moderate injuries if it attempts to bite them.9
  • Messerschmitt, like El Blanco and Stumpy
    Messershmit (6)

    Messerschmitt Vomiting the M.R.E.

    seems to show increased intelligence likely because of his age.
  • Due to his gestation from a Graboid that was exposed to the Perfection Valley environment he is likely saturated with Mixmaster.
  • Since he's not known to have laid an egg it's possible he is sterile like El Blanco, but then it is not known how or when ass blasters reproduce. He may have laid his egg while in the custody of Sigmund and Ray.
  • Messerschmitt was the name of an aircraft company founded in 1938 by W. Messerschmitt that produced the famous Bf-109 and the Me 262.
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    suit of Messerschmitt


 *Tremors 3: Back to Perfection (First appearance)
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otherside of Messerschmitt