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Meghan Wallace2


Megan was a minor character who only appears in Tremors. She was the wife of Jim Wallace, who had moved to Perfection to make a house. While sitting on the tailgate of their station wagon with Jim talking about their new home, the lights went out. Jim went to check on the generator when he was attacked by a Graboid. Megan tried to rescue him but was unable to. Panicking, she jumped into the station wagon to try to escape but the keys were missing. While in the car she accidentally knocked over the radio, turning it on, the noise issuing from the station wagon attracted the Graboid, who buried the car trying to get at the noise. It is unknown if the Graboid was some how able to tear the car open and kill her or if she suffocated when the Graboid buried the car.

Her death, along with Jim's, was discovered by Val and Earl when they rode by their place to warn them to get out. Val heard the radio and following the sound he uncovered the grill and headlights of the station wagon buried.

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