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Manny Garcia
Manny Garcia
Background information
Feature films  
Video games
Portrayed by Sal Lopex
Character information
Species Human
Gender Male
Other names
Fate Deceased (bitten in half by a graboid)
Quote "Hey! He's a national hero! We are damn honored to have him residing here in Toluca!"

Manny Garcia was the sheriff of Tolua, New Mexico. He is a deceased minor character in Tremors: The Series. He only appeared in the episode A Little Paranoia Among the Friends. He was portrayed by Sal Lopez.


He first appeared in the episode after Burt called everyone in the restaurant crazy. He said that "the government has sent someone to prove that aliens aren't taking their neighbors, and that someone is Burt Gummer, the Graboid hunter." Then Rosie called Burt a "government plant" which made Burt furious, Manny just watched as Tyler pulled Burt out of the store, then he looked back at Rosie and Red.

He was later seen again after some threw a rock through the window of the hotel room Burt and Tyler rented. They told him someone wrote "Be gone or be dead" on the rock, then Burt said it could've been Cecil Carr, which made him mad. He told them to forgot about the rock, and get out of town.

Burt and Tyler, who were out hunting the Graboid, found him by the IGC placing a battery in it. They spot the worm coming towards him, they try and warn him, but the worm gets to him first, and it begins to swallow him whole. Burt throws a concussion grenade, causing the Graboid to spit up his lower torso. It then goes down into its hole, and tunnels away.

Burt and Tyler take his car back to Helen's where they break the news to the town that Manny was killed, but Cecil claims that they killed Manny to prove it was Graboids, not aliens. It is then presumed that his remains were taken to the morgue by Cecil.

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