1874 .50 Sharps Buffalo Rifle8 GaugeAR-15
A Little Paranoia Among the FriendsAfrican Ass BlasterAfrican Graboid
African Graboid Incursion of 2015Agent Charlie RuskAgent Frank Statler
Alison MaclnnisAriana RichardsAss Blaster
Audrey WasilewiskiBackpackerBarrett M82
Beretta 92FS InoxBig Horse JohnsonBigfoot the Yeti
Bill McClaneBixby, NevadaBlack Hand Kelly
Blast from the PastBlunderbussBranscombe Richmond
Brent MaddockBrockBrowning Hi-Power
Bud and DarylBufordBurt's House
Burt's Survivial JournalBurt GummerBurt Gummer's Gun Wall
Carlos OrtegaCarmine and HowardCecil Carr
Chad RanstonChang's MarketCharlie Wilhelm
Charlotte StewartChiapas, MexicoChristine Lord
Christopher GartinChristopher LloydCletus Poffenberger
Colt Single Action ArmyDean NorrisDelores
Department of the Interior Graboid ReportDesert Jack's Graboid TourDr. Andrew Merliss
Dr. Casey MatthewsDr. Donna DebevicDr. Ellie Bergen
Dr. Harold BainesDr. Kate RileyDr. Meghan Flynn
Dr. Nandi MontabuDr. TowneEarl Bassett
Edgar DeemsEl BlancoEl Chaco, Argentina Graboid Incursion of 2001
Feeding FrenzyFinn CarterFlora or Fauna
FrankFred WardFu Yien Chang
Gene FallonGeorge MeadowsGhost Dance
Giant ShrimpGladys JimenezGrabbers
GraboidGraboid (egg)Graboid Evolution Fan Speculation
Graboid RightsGrady HooverGrizzly Single Shot .50 Caliber BMG
Harlowe WinnemuccaHeather GummerHeckler & Koch HK91
Heckler and Koch HK33Heckler and Koch HK91Helen Shaver
Helmut KrauseHiram GummerHit and Run
InvisibatJ.D. WalshJack Sawyer
Jim WallaceJoan McCurtreyJodi Chang
Juan PedillaJulioKarl Hartung
KeishaKevinKevin Bacon
KinneyLarry NorvelLas Vegas, Nevada
Lela LeeList of Tremors charactersLorin McCraley
Lu Wan ChangLuger P08M1911A1
M8 Flare PistolMagnum Research Desert EagleManny Garcia
Marcelo TrubertMarcia StrassmanMary Gross
MaxMeadMegan Wallace
Melvin PluggMesa State UniversityMesserschmitt
Michael GrossMichael RookerMicrobe Swarm
Miguel SanchezMindy SterngoodMixmaster
Mixmaster Research LabMosleyNambu Type 14
Nancy RobertsNancy SterngoodNestor Cunningham
News reportersNicholas TurturroNight of the Shriekers
Norinco SKSNorinco Type 54Officer Jerry Rinks
Officer PiperOil WorkerOld Fred
Old Fred (Tremors 4)Online Games based off of TremorsOtto
Pat SkipperPaul HoganPedro
Perfection, NevadaPerfection, Nevada/RevenuePerfection Graboid Incursion of 2001
Perfection ValleyPete NorrisPlantimal
Project 4-12Project 4-12 (episode)Pyong Chang
Ray McQuireReba McEntireRed Landers
Rejection Graboid Incursion of 1889Remington 870Rescue Team Shriekers
Rhonda LeBeckRichard BiggsRichard Marcus
Road HogRobert JayneRoger Garrett
Ron UnderwoodRosalita SanchezRosie
RosserRuger Mini-14Ruger Mk1
Ruger RedhawkS.S. WilsonS. S. Wilson
SIG-Sauer P226SIG-Sauer P228Sara Botsford
Sarah RaffertySeeking Perfection: The Unofficial Guide to TremorsShawn Christian
Sheriff Sam BoggsShooterShriek and Destroy
Shriek and Destroy (online game)ShriekerSilver Miners
Smith & Wesson Model 19Smith & Wesson Model 66Smith and Wesson Model 66
Smith and Wesson Model 686Stampede EntertainmentStumpy
Susan ChuangSyFyTT-33
TecopaTermaggotsThe Awful Winged Thing
The Awful Winged Thing (creature)The BikerThe Hitman
The KeyThe Killer Toaster OvensThe Killer Toaster Ovens (creature)
The Midnight RamblerThe Queen BitchThe Sounds of Silence
The Thing in the TreesThe Thing in the Trees (episode)Timeline
Tinsley GrimesTony GenaroTourists
Travis B. WelkerTremorsTremors: The Lost Episodes
Tremors: The SeriesTremors: The Series/QuotesTremors: The Thunder from Down Under
Tremors (remake)Tremors (series)Tremors 3: Back to Perfection
Tremors 4: The Legend BeginsTremors 5: BloodlinesTremors II: Aftershocks
Tremors WikiTyler ReedType 56
Universal Home EntertainmentUziVal and Earl's truck
Val and Earl meet the VampireValentine McKeeVictor Browne
Victor WongW.D. TwitchellWalter Chang
Walther P38Walther PPKWater Hazard
Weapons of Tremors 4Webley Mk1Western Union Clerk
William and Moore 8 gauge

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