Background information
Feature films  
Video games
Portrayed by James Whitson
Character information
Species Human
Gender Male
Other names
Fate Living
Quote (after Burt says, the town is crazy) "Nuts!"

Kevin is a minor character from Tremors: The Series, he only appeared in the episode A Little Paranoia Among the Friends and was portrayed by James Whitson.


He first and only appeared in A Little Paranoia Among the Friends, when he was seen in Helen's talking to Red and Rosie. When Burt got into their conversation, the four began to talk about why they hate the government and aliens.

Tyler arrives at the table and tells Burt that the town tries to communicate with Space Aliens, then Burt says, "You're all nuts!" Loud enough for the whole restaurant to hear, which infuriates Kevin and everyone else. Just as they are about to get in a fight, Officer Manny walks into the store and tells them that Burt and Tyler were sent to prove that its Graboids and not aliens.

Rosie then calls Burt a "government plant" and he goes to give her a piece of his mind, but Tyler pulls him out of the store.

Kevin is later seen for a few minutes standing with Red, Rosie and Cecil when Burt and Tyler bring the remains of Manny back into town, he just stares disturbed the whole time since Burt opens the car trunk, revealing his remains.

He is later seen in the restaurant, this time eating two burritos with Cecil when Burt comes running in yelling about someone slashing his tires. He only says, "How many times is this guy going to interrupt my meal?" Then he goes back to eating, but Cecil is angered when Burt says they are going to destroy the IGC.

He is yet again later seen again, still eating the burritos. Him and Red tell them after a long argument that Cecil took half of the town out to a canyon. He was last scene in the store while Burt was talking to Cecil, Rosie and Red.

Character backgroundEdit

He was portrayed as a man in about his fifties, maybe sixties. He also, for some reason of being in the restaurant whenever Burt and Tyler were and he always eating the same thing, a burrito with guacamole. He is also easy annoyed and angered by people like Burt.

That was shown when Burt said out loud, "You're all nuts!" His reaction was "Nuts!" Then he got up out of his chair, but stopped when Manny Garcia walked into the store. When Burt came into the story again later yelling all he said that time was, "How many times is this guy going to interrupt my meal?"

Even later in the episode, soon as he saw Burt he just threw his napkin down, and grabbed the sides of the table with an angry look on his face.


He doesn't have any relationships with other characters, but he dose have several friendships.

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