Karl Hatung
Background information
Feature films  
Video games
Portrayed by St. Patrick Esprit
Character information
Species Human
Gender Male
Other names  
  • Karl
  • Hartung
  • Security Chief Hartung
Enemies Rescue Team Shriekers
Fate Deceased
Quote "Drop the weapon. Back away from the bug. Nice and Easy."

Karl Hartung is a deceased minor character from Tremors: The Series, he only appeared in the episode Night of the Shriekers. He was portrayed by St. Patrick Esprit.


He was first seen in shortly after Burt had killed a Shrieker that turned out to belong to Dr. Meghan Flynn and was part of a project to train Shriekers for search and rescue operations. Him, and five other soldiers had their guns pointed at Burt.


He was killed by a Shrieker when it attacked and dragged him up the stairs out of Burt's basement. Burt and Tyler killed the Shrieker, but he was presumably ripped apart, due to the blood splatter on the periscope, and killed.

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