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Background information
Feature films Tremors 2: Aftershocks
Video games
Portrayed by Marco Hernandez
Character information
Species Human
Gender Male
Other names
Friends nbsp;
Fate Deceased
Quote "I'm going to go look for them right now." (last words)

Julio was Dr. Kate Riley's assistant in Tremors 2: Aftershocks. He appeared through most of the movie up to his death. He was portrayed by Marco Hernandez.

Character BackgroundEdit

Julio was portrayed as a smart, young, and slightly nervous man but protective of his friends. When he asked if Grady and Earl are going out alone, he said they should take help with them. He was also worried, along with Kate, when Burt, Earl and Grady have been contacting them or returned. He was never portrayed as being a serious character, unlike Earl, Burt, Grady and Kate.

He also had as a slight Spanish accent and wore glasses, with a white shirt and blue-jeans. He also had white sneakers, and a tie on.


Julio served as a exposition source for the audience and helped prepare the heroes of the film for their final confrontations with the monsters.

He first appeared once Earl and Grady arrived in Mexico, he confused Grady for Val. He also said that all the seismos he set up are working, and told them what the seismograph does.

Close to the end of the film, he was attacked, and presumably torn to pieces, a lone Shrieker, which was later killed by Earl and Grady.



Near the close of the film, Julio was violently attacked by a Shrieker that had sneaked up behind him, and it began to tear his leg to pieces, then, despite Kate trying to stop it, drug him out the window. It is presumed that it tore him to pieces and devoured his entire corpse, but all that was heard was his screaming, and tearing. His death was soon avenged, when it was killed by Earl and Grady. Kate heard gunshots and Earl say, "Bastards!" But she still thought there were Shriekers outside the building.


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