Kate in Tremors 2

Dr. Kate Riley is middle-aged single scientist who was working in Chiapas, Mexico when the Graboids attacked. She said that only she, Pedro and Julio were the only ones left at the oil base. It was eventually revealed that she was the (fictional) Miss October, 1974 that Earl used to pine for. After they killed off all of the Shriekers, she and Earl fell in love. They later married and opened a very successful Graboid theme park with Grady Hoover.


Her only known scientific contribution to date was dating a fossil (of which she believes is that of a Graboid) to the Precambrian Era. Later sources persist that she did this incorrectly saying that they are instead from the Dovien Era. Whether she was right or not she has confirmed their existence as Earth creatures.

Further it is a working presumption that Drm Riley was employed directly by the oil company as part of a larger land survey for resource exploitation.

following the Graboid attacks kate riley was one of the few remaining onsite personnel. Though largly safe form the graboid attack

and then the Shreikers came


  • In the originals script her character was known as 'Kate White
  • Fans continue to ask about the “Miss October, 1974” seen Tremors 2.
    • The writers decided on 1974 because it made the Kathy character about the right age for Earl (about 40).
      • They then cast Helen Shaver as Kathy. But as it turns out that the real Miss October, 1974, Ester Cordet, doesn't look remotely like Helen. So, instead they searched through Playboy files and selected the Playmate actually seen in the film, Miss September, 1970, Debbie Ellison.


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