Dr. Andrew Merliss is a scientist who works for the federal government, appearing only in Tremors 3: Back to Perfection. Like the two agents he was working with, Agent Frank Statler and Agent Charlie Rusk, he was interested in studying Graboids.

The trio were called to the valley, and made the killing of Graboids illegal so that they could capture and study one unhindered. When Burt and the townspeople protested this, knowing their lives that would be endangered if they let Graboids live, Merliss got angry at Burt for killing them previously, as he was intrigued by this rare species and wanted to study them.

Later, Merliss found a Graboid egg, thus making the discovery that they came from eggs. Afterward they chased after a Graboid. Only Merliss returned, mentioning that they found the Graboid dead and Shriekers around, which tore Rusk and Statler apart. He tells them of how he remembered that they could only see body heat, so he sprayed himself with fire extinguisher to escape them. However, he was still mortally injured in the back by a Shrieker, and died after telling the others of this encounter.


Director Brent Maddock named this character after an actual doctor he had been friends with in college. His intention was to reestablish contact with his old friend who he had not seen for several years. They have since encountered each other again and are still great friends.

"Brent is one of the smartest and funniest guys I've ever known, and I hope that if more films in this series are made he will name some of the characters after other members of my family...if there's no Dr. Andrew Merliss Jr. that is."                     

-The Real Dr. Andrew Merliss

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