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This is the wall of guns seen in the basement of Burt Gummer's house. After selflessly sacrificing his hilltop bunker home during the "AssBlaster incursion" a couple years ago, Burt has doggedly soldiered-on in his houseless basement (now covered with a Quonset hut, scrounged piece-by-piece from a nearby abandoned government facility.) It contains his indoor shooting range, safe room, emergency escape tunnel — and (in)famous gun wall. He has replenished only about 20 percent of his weapons. Painted gun silhouettes on the wall indicate the ones he hasn't yet replaced.

List of GunsEdit

Image Name Action Caliber Number of Rounds User(s) Gauge Film(s)
Tremor8ga William and Moore 8 gauge Break Action 2 Burt Gummer 8 gauge Tremors
HK Model 91 Heckler & Koch HK91 Semi-Automatic 7.62x51mm 20 per magazine Burt Gummer Tremors
M16A1 SP1 A2 Colt AR-15 Sporter II
5.56x45mm 30 per magazine Burt Gummer
Heather Gummer
Tremors: The Series
Remington870PoliceStd Remington 870 Pump-action 6 rounds Burt Gummer 12 gauge Tremors
WinchesterModel1300Def Winchester 1200 Defender Pump-action 6 rounds Heather Gummer 12 gauge Tremors
PheonixentWinchester1894 Winchester Model 1894 Lever-action .30-30 6 or 7 rounds Valentine McKee
Edgar Deems
Burt Gummer
Tremors 2: Aftershocks
Tremors 3: Back to Perfection
Pre64WinModel70 Winchester Model 70 Bolt-Action .375 H & H Mag 3 to 5 rounds Earl Bassett
Heather Gummer
Burt Gummer
Tremors: The Series
SterySSG Steyr-Mannlicher SSG-PII Rifle Bolt-action 7.62x51mm 10 rounds Burt Gummer Tremors
MicroUziPistol02 Micro Uzi Semi-Automatic 9mm Luger 20 rounds Valentine McKee Tremors
ColtSAA2ndGenNickel Colt Single Action Army Single-action .45 colt 6 rounds Earl Bassett Tremors
Smith&Wesson-Model-19 Smith & Wesson Model 19 Double Action .357 magnum 6 rounds Earl Bassett Tremors
640px-Inox Beretta 92FS Inox Semi-Automatic

9mm Luger

15 rounds Burt Gummer Tremors 2: Aftershocks
SigP226Nickel SIG-Sauer P226 Semi-Automatic

9mm Luger

.40 SW

.357 SIG


15 rounds Heather Gummer Tremors
RugerRedhawk Ruger Redhawk Single-Action .38 Special

.357 Magnum

.41 Magnum

.44 Special

.44 Magnum

.45 Colt

6 rounds

Burt Gummer
Melvin Plugg

DesertEagleMarkIstainless Magnum Research Inc. Mark I Desert Eagle Semi-Automatic

.357 Magnum

.44 Magnum

.50 AE

7 to 9 rounds

Burt Gummer Tremors
M8FlarePistol M8 Flare Pistol Single-Shot 40 mm 1 round Heather Gummer Tremors
Colt1911A1PreWar M1911A1 Semi-Automatic .45 ACP 7 rounds Tremors
P38 Walther P38 Semi-Automatic 9mm Luger 8 rounds Tremors
350px-LugerP08Pistol Luger P08 Semi-Automatic 9mm Luger

8 (mag)

32 (drum)

400px-TT-33 TT-33 Semi-Automatic 7.62x25 mm 8 rounds Tremors
300px-Browning High-Power 9mm IMG 1526 Browning Hi-Power Semi-Automatic 9mm Luger
13 rounds Tremors
350px-WaltherPPK Walther PPK Semi-Automatic 7.65 10 rounds Tremors
H600 .600 Nitro Express Semi-Automatic .600 Nitro 2 rounds Tremors
800px-BrowAut5 Browning Auto-5 Semi-Automatic 4 rounds 12, 16 or 20 gauge Tremors
Norinco 54 Norinco Type 54 Semi-Automatic 7.62x25mm 8 or 14 rounds Tremors
Mini14p Ruger Mini-14 Semi-Automatic 5.56x45 mm 5, 10, 20 or 30 rounds Tremors
300px-Uzi 1 Uzi Fully-Automatic 9mm Luger

45 ACP

10, 16, 20, 32, 40 or 50 rounds Bill McClane

Tremors Tremors: The Series

NambuType14Pistol Nambu Type-14 Semi-Automatic 8mm Nambu 8 rounds Tremors
300px-Ruger standard wiki Ruger Mk1
.22 LR 9 or 10 rounds Tremors
300px-Browning High-Power 9mm IMG 1526 Browning Hi Power Semi-Automatic
9mm Luger 13 rounds Tremors
Line of Fire Eastwood Gun Left SIG-Sauer P228 Semi-Automatic 9mm Luger 10, 13 ,15 rounds Tremors
Bond Texas defender .38 Derringer Break Action .38 SPL 2 rounds Tremors
Webley mk1 Webley Mk1 Double Action .455 Webley 6 rounds Tremors
S&W Model 66 S&W Model 66 with Pachmayr grips 3" barrel Double Action .357 Magnum 6 rounds Tremors
S&W Model 66 with 4in barrel S&W Model 66 with 4" Barrel Double Action .357 Magnum 6 rounds Tremors

Smith and Wesson with 5in barrell

S&W Model 686 with 5" Barrel Double Action .357 Magnum 6 rounds Tremors
SKS Chinese SKS Semi-Automatic 7.62x39mm 10, 30 rounds Tremors
500px-RugerAC556folder Factory stock blued Ruger Mini-14 Semi-Automatic 5.56x45 mm 30 rounds Tremors
Auto Ordnance M1 Carbine with Metal heat shroud Semi-Automatic .30 Carbine 15 rounds Tremors
Mil-Spec M1 Carbine Semi-Automatic .30 Carbine 15 rounds Tremors
M1 Carbine in aftermarket underfolding stock Semi-Automatic .30 Carbine 15 rounds Tremors
Ruger Mini-14 with Choate folding stock Semi-Automatic 5.56x45mm 30 rounds Tremors

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