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Burt Gummer
Background information
Feature films  
Video games Shriek and Destroy
Portrayed by Michael Gross
Character information
Gender Male
Other names  
  • Gun-How Gummer
  • Pompass Blowbog
  • Para-Milatary Paranoid
  • Rambo
  • Honey
  • Dr. Pavlov
  • Asshole
  • Damned son of a bitch
  • Crazed-paranoid-right-winged-redneck-psycho
  • Shit-kicker
Fate Living
Quote "Broke into the wrong god damn rec room, didn't you, ya bastard?!"

"Distrust in the government is no cause for suspicion"

"Damn it! I told Twitchell 1000 rounds wasn't enough!"

"And that's why we're on top of the food chain!"

Bertram (Burt) Gummer is a fictional character, played by actor Michael Gross, from the Tremors film series and the short lived SciFi Channel TV program of the same name. Appearing in Tremors, Tremors 2: Aftershocks, Tremors 3: Back to Perfection, and several episodes of the TV series, Burt Gummer is a firearms enthusiast, and a paranoid survivalist. He and his (as of Tremors 2) former wife, Heather Gummer (played by Reba McEntire), were the first persons in the film series to directly kill a Graboid thanks to the large supply of weapons kept in their basement. He has an "overkill" approach to trouble and takes himself deadly seriously, much to the annoyance or amusement of others. According to Tyler Reed, he is the "Martha Stuart of whatever it is" he does. He has an exceptionally hard time making friends and trusting people, due to his self-preservation mind set, but is willing to help others should the need arise; though his ways of helping may seem unorthodox due to inexperience sometimes. At times he will try to give more "rational" explanations to bizarre goings-on in Perfection, only be met with stares of disbelief as his idea are just as or even more unbelievable. Although he is only the central character in Tremors 3 and the TV series, his eccentric personality has made him a favorite among Tremors fans and the de-facto star of the franchise, along with the vicious Graboid evolutions (and, later, Mixmaster monsters) that opposes him. His ancestor, Hiram Gummer (also played by Gross), appears in Tremors 4: The Legend Begins.

Burt Gummer

Burt Gummer, in Tremors: Feeding Frenzy.

Background Edit

Although very little is known about Burt's past, it is widely hinted that he was involved in the military. Though the actual creators dispute about this[1]. In the Tremors TV Series, Burt went to Teluca in an episode to uncover a government conspiracy for the townsfolk to prove it was a Graboid problem, rather than an alien conspiracy that the government won't let them visit the "mothership", according to Rosie (The diner co-owner next to Red). Burt proceeded to go on about how he was all too familiar with cover-ups, which would lead one to believe he was involved, again, in the military. It's possible he was in a secret branch, and witnessed something he didn't like.

What is known, however, is that during the cold war Burt settled in Perfection with his wife after checking several places that would fit their survivalist nature. He and Heather actually bought up the very land that Burt's great grand father had built his house on. This was all sometime before the Tremors movie series. It was later revealed in Tremors 4 that his ancestor Hiram Gummer, also played by Gross, settled in Rejection (Perfection's previous name), and married the local town-mistress. Stampede Entertainment's official website states that Hiram and his wife left in 1902 for San Francisco after a disagreement with Nevada bureaucrats over the date of the town's founding, and never returned. Hiram did leave Burt and his family with a large supply of silver bars which Burt has apparently been using to turn his home into a graboid proof fortress as well as acquiring weaponry which originally was for defense against the possibility of the Cold War heating up but now to fight against the Graboids. When Burt's house was destroyed in Tremors 3 it took out his weaponry stockpile as well as his stockpile of silver bars.

Burt has a strange affection with guns since middle-school, evidenced by him telling Desert Jack that he converted his BB gun to automatic by the eight-grade. One controversy is how he gets his weapons and ammo, despite all of his guns being legal (except a Sub Machine Gun he is seen to own), the bullets for the Grizzly Big Bore, and Barrett 82A1 .50 cal BMG are a topic that could be debated. Also how he got his hands on a minigun legally is also questionable. It's possible he gets them in illegally, but W.D. Twitchell, the Department of Interior representative after Tremors 3, has done nothing to stop Burt. It is also possible that he undertook the NFA process to purchase completely legal transferable title II weapons. Which would include any of an array of sub-machine guns or even the minigun.

Burt was at first paranoid about surviving World-War III, which was why he considered himself a survivalist. He spent all of his years preparing in case it would happen sooner or later, which hasn't happened yet. After Tremors 1, Burt's focus on Graboids becomes greater as each movie goes on. After Tremors 2, Burt is very paranoid about Graboids and Shriekers, rather than the world coming to an end. His focus shifts on them, determined to survive at all costs against El Blanco.

Burt, however, is known to have the first "actual" Graboid kill by using his own hands (guns actually), instead of the Graboid killing itself by ramming into a cement wall. As of Tremors 3 he's the only person to ever survive being eaten by a Graboid, being eaten while in a barrel, after which the Graboid was tricked into killing itself by running itself into a cement wall, after which it was cut open with a chainsaw and Burt climbed out.

Reception among Tremors fans Edit

Burt began as a very popular character after the first Tremors movie, garnering enough popularity to be one of the only two original cast-characters to make a return in the movie, and the only character to make an appearance in every Tremors movie, as well as the TV-Series. Although, Burt himself wasn't in Tremors 4, Hiram, his grandfather, was a toned-down version of Burt, so it could be assumed among fans that it's just Burt. The similarities are there, just the look and different name separate the two.

He was known as the de-facto star of the franchise after Tremors 2, officially.

Another little favorite is his paranoia of the government, and his seriousness always being used as humor. And his hats, which are in each of his appearances. All of them are "Atlanta Hawks" hats, which changes appearances each movie and in the show.


  • Jodi Chang takes Burt in stride and is even fond of him.
  • Tyler Reed rolls with Burt's eccentricities and acts as his backup on Graboid hunts.
  • Rosalita Sanchez simply finds his overkill and paranoia odd.
  • W D Twitchell gives Burt missions that needs his expertise and puts up with his sarcasm for his job.
  • Ex-hippy Nancy Sterngood butts heads with Burt on almost every issue; she pokes holes in his arguments and tries to make him see reason. But for Burt there's always been "a little too much Summer of Love in that woman." Had the series continued he would have had an online romance with her without knowing who he was E-mailing until later.


Burt has a penchant for spouting that memorable line of dialogue that crystallizes the moment:

"Broke into the wrong god damn rec room, didn't you, ya bastard?!"
—Burt Gummer[src]
"I feel I was denied critical, need-to-know information."
—Burt Gummer[src]
"(Angrily) I am completely OUT of ammo. (Calmly, as the realization sinks in) That's never happened to me before."
—Burt Gummer[src]
"And that's why we're at the top of the food chain!"
—Burt Gummer[src]


  • Has appeared on 60 minutes.
  • One of his cars license plates reads UZI 4U. Another's is WRM N8R as seen on the tremors two poster, which, if read is, Uzi for you, and Worm-Nator.....The Uzi being a famous 9mm Israeli submachine-gun.
  • The fact that his first name is Bertram is stated in the Tremors FAQ.
  • The item that Burt covered up in Tremors 2 was a type of cannon shell that he was hoping to add to his collection.
  • Prior to the Shriekers ambushing him in Tremors 2 Burt claims to have never run out of ammo.
  • Burt has the highest number of confirmed Graboid kills by a single individual in the series.
  • A running theme in Tremors 2 and 3 is that Burt will be completly prepared for the graboids, only to be completely disarmed as a result of unforeseen circumstance.
    • In Tremors 2 he arrives in Mexcio with an army truck full of weapons and ammunition, only to subsequently exhaust it all fighting of the newly evolved Shriekers, save for his anti-tank gun.
    • In Tremors 3 Burts graboid proof home/bunker was completely defenseless against the new AssBlasters. Fearing that the creatures would reproduce after finding his food stores he detonated his own home and all his amassed weapons.




A Message From Burt Gummer00:31

A Message From Burt Gummer

A Message From Burt Gummer

Another Message From Burt Gummer00:31

Another Message From Burt Gummer

Another Message From Burt Gummer


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