African Ass Blaster (71)

The African Assblasters are the African variant of their American counterparts with a circular mouth filled with shark like teeth rather than three mandibles and a beak. Their jets of flame propellant also last longer and seem more concentrated the American Ass Blaster. When focusing on protecting a nest of eggs, these Ass Blasters will ignore all other sources of heat and go directly for the threat they see. They will also attack nearby human locations if they feel they are a threat to their off-spring. One notable difference, is these Ass Blasters are nocturnal rather than operating during the day like their American counterparts. They also seem to be more immune to harm as shown when one was shot several times yet was uninjured enough to grab a full-grown man and take off. Another one was shown to explode after taking enough fire, though this may be due to where the Ass Blaster was hit as the other Ass Blasters were not shown to explode upon death.

Ass Blaster BiochemistryEdit

African Ass Blasters' Reproductive RoleEdit

The African Ass Blaster is shown to protect its nest at all costs with multiple Ass Blasters and Graboids working together to protect their bloodline. Though around six Ass Blasters were shown in Tremors 5: Bloodlines, there were well over a dozen eggs, indicating that each Ass Blaster does lay more than one.

Notable IncursionsEdit

This Variation of of Ass Blaster(as well as the other life cycles), were wiped out during the African Graboid Incursion of 2015.

African Ass Blaster (60)

Early Design

African Ass Blaster (62)

An engaged African Ass blaster.

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